Maranatha Ministerial Fellowship International

MMFI – “Networking churches and Christian leaders with apostolic perspectives and prophetic insights for the encouragement of the upward calling of God in Jesus Christ”

Maranatha Ministerial Fellowship International, or MMFI is a Spirit-filled fellowship of Christian leaders with a prophetic cutting-edge that embraces all true present-day moves of the Spirit and longs for the day of a promised world-wide outpouring.


Facilitating Meaningful Relationships: among Christian ministers of like and precious faith. Through fellowship, prayer, and other activities we provide a sense of identification, mutual-support, and accountability.

Equipping and Enabling Ministers: in their personal spiritual growth and in the development of their professional ministerial skills. We provide continuing education and further training through conferences, seminars, literature, audio, and other appropriate means.

Providing Credentials: for those candidates with a clear and recognizable calling to Christian ministry. Licensing and ordination enable ministers to perform functions such as marriage, burying the dead, administration, and oversight of all church activities and functions.

Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ: through evangelism, church planting, leadership development, discipleship, and Biblical teaching and training for the work of the ministry.

Promoting Unity, Peace, and Brotherhood: among all of the various expressions of the Body of Christ. We respect and protect the autonomy of local churches and ministries within the fellowship. Affiliation with this organization is voluntary and does not constitute governmental control of the fellowship over the local churches or ministries.